(Derry Now)

The Western Health and Social Care Trust (Western Trust) is encouraging patients who are currently receiving care and treatment or have used our hospital eye care service in the past two years to share their experience through the 10,000 voices campaign.
10,000 Voices is a PHA lead initiative which gives people an opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences of accessing Health and Social Care services by asking them to ‘tell us their story’.
Vi Gray, 10,000 Voices Trust facilitator/ Patient & Client Experience Lead in the Western Trust said: “We would encourage patients through this 10,000 voices initiative to tell us about their experience of eye care services including attendance at an eye clinic, eye casualty or treatment as a day case or inpatient. We want people to tell us about their experience, whether it is positive or negative and to highlight what is important to them as this information will allow us to help shape and deliver services in the future.”
Louise O’Dalaigh, Services Manager for Ophthalmology and Optometry services in the Western Trust explains: “I would encourage people to tell their story and get involved as we strive to place our patients at the centre of decision-making and continue to manage and plan services for years to come. Every day the hospital eye care services provide support for patients attending eye casualty and various eye clinics e.g. low-vision, refraction, contact lens, ICATs and macular degeneration. In addition to this our eye care services also provide treatment for multiple types of day case procedures or in-patient treatment.”
Louise continued: “Having been involved in other patient feedback initiatives which have led to significant changes and greatly improved services over recent years, I would urge patients from the Western Trust area and the population in the Northern Trust area that we also provide services for to share their experience.”
You can tell your story by completing a short survey online at http://www.10000voices.info