Sinn Féin Foyle Assembly candidate Raymond McCartney has once again welcomed the old news that the go ahead had been given for a £1 million pounds project which will see the construction of a pitch and play park at Shaw Court in Ballymagroarty.

The project has been announced three times already during other election campaigns. Almost three years ago Sinn Fein councillor Eric McGinley told residents via a letter posted through their doors that the project had been given the go ahead and on that occasion he thanked Martina Anderson (this was during a European Election Campaign) for her part in making the project happen. This was just one occasion. It happened during previous local and Stormont elections as well.

In reality though these announcements didn’t amount to anything other than Sinn Fein election propaganda and this has left local residents openly challenging SF representatives on the issue.

It is believed that any funding for this project will come from the Social Investment Fund. Sinn Fein member Noel McCartney (Raymond McCartney’s brother) is chair of the local SIF committee and has access to a budget of £20million and has had the ability to make this project happen during the past five years and has not yet done so. The fact that this latest announcement has come from Raymond McCartney whilst other political and community representatives have been kept in the dark calls into question objectiveness of the SIF fund.

In the latest announcement Raymond McCartney said “This is good news for the greater Ballymagroarty area.”

A local resident said “I’ll believe it when I see it.”