Sinn Féin Assembly Candidate Elisha McCallion has attempted to claim credit for funding of £700,000 to develop a district children’s park at Ballyarnett Country Park.

Whilst attempting to claim credit for this project the Sinn Fein councillor fails to say is that this scheme is the result of a collaborative approach by many within the political and community sector in the Shantallow area. This is a project led by the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership and includes many community groups from the area with representation also from political representatives.

One of those centrally involved in the project has spoken to News From Derry on the understanding that she is not named. She said that whilst Sinn Fein were part of the discussions they were not working alone. She said; “Many of those who work on these issues are not politically aligned and  some have committed many days and hours to this project. We all understand that the Greater Shantallow area has been starved of quality infrastructure for many years and we work with all political persuasions and community activists in the area. For Sinn Fein to try to claim sole ownership of the new Ballyarnett Play Park is simply wrong and dishonest given the partnership approach that has brought us to where we are now.”